Fitness Athletic Level 4 Ankle Resistance Bands

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Fitness Athletic Level 4 Ankle Resistance Bands

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The level 4 ankle resistance bands allows you to train your body in multiple directions (side to side, backwards, forwards, diagonal, and more. These bands allow full range of motion, and it's excellent for strengthening hips, knees, toning your thighs, and building your glutes. Extra soft padded ankle bands stay comfortable without discomfort during the excercise. Available in color coded resistance levels ranging from very light to advanced.

The level 4 Ankle  Resistance Band


Here’s a list of exercises you can do using Level 4 Ankle resistance bands

• Roundhouse Kicks

•Side Kicks 

•Donkey Kicks

•Leg Lifts•lunges

•High knees 

•Walk in Place 

•Sumo Deadlifts 

•Boxer Step

•Jumping Jacks

•leg extensions

•Reverse Leg Extension